Civic education becomes accessible to Bulgarian schools through the CLASS project. It is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Kingdom of Norway through the European Economic Area. This was shared by Lyubov Panayotova from the European Institute Foundation in "Smart Hour" hosted by Zhivka Popatanasova.

"We saw that young people needed to study civic education, but an extremely important element for us was media literacy, which forms critical thinking".  

The guest shared how civic education and critical thinking will be promoted and what are the groups to which these activities are directed.

"Groups are made up of older students who can now deconstruct certain media publications, filter disinformation from real information, and be able to write and create media products".

Panayotova explained that the main idea of the project is to show teenagers how easy it is to manipulate information through social networks in order to loosen the sense of justice and activism towards a particular issue.

She shared about a future project that will be related to the education of the youngest students.

The textbooks for civic education, which have been developed by the European Institute Foundation, will aim mainly to prepare teachers to pass on their knowledge to their students.

"Our project includes active work with teachers and class teachers. We will hold seminars for them and workshops for students in 14 Bulgarian cities".

Lyubov Panayotova believes that through civic and media education, children will be much better prepared for the dynamic environment and will be aware of how each institution in the country works.

"Young people are the generation of social networks, they have no boundaries, they should get used to living in this fast-changing world, but always look for a reliable source of information".

Watch the whole conversation in the video.


The CLASS project is implemented with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA's financial mechanism. The aim of the project is to encourage the media literacy and civic education.

The entire responsibility for the content of this article is held by the European Institute Foundation and under no circumstances can it be assumed that it reflects the official opinion of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Bulgarian Operator of the Active Citizens Fund.