An online media literacy training seminar for teachers from all over the country, as well as teachers from Vidin, was held, BNR reports.

The event is organized by the European Institute Foundation - said Ognyan Boyadzhiev, former journalist, expert at the European Institute Foundation:
"We hold such training seminars in 14 cities. The interest is great ... Teachers are interested in civic education ... Media literacy is the topic, everything related to the fourth power, the media ... We try based on the experience of teachers from different European countries to give technical skills to teachers who when working with their students what tasks and modules to include on the topic ... Recognition of different genres, practical advice on how to search for information on the Internet and how to assess the reliability of various news sites. .. "

The message to teachers is to broaden students' horizons and learn to recognize the media, which is important for obtaining reliable information. Media literacy training is really necessary, says Tsetska Alexandrova, a teacher of fine arts:
"One learns while one is alive and accordingly this seminar was extremely useful from the point of view of a journalist talking to us about the media ... ..The first person explains to us how things stand, how to distinguish reliable from false information .. it was very useful to teach children and them, respectively, how to get information from the Internet ... In order to have these skills, they must learn them from us ... It is becoming more difficult to distinguish the moment of opinion and speculation. .. "

The CLASS project [Critical: Curious: Active: Brave] is implemented with financial support amounting to EUR 186,866 provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism. The main goal of the project is to promote media literacy and civic education.

Here you can find a recording and the full text